"...In the dance of sun and water and sky. In the faces of the people who need us most and of the people we most need. In the smell of breakfast cooking on a charcoal fire. Who knows where we will find Him or whether we will recognize Him if we do? Who knows anything even approaching the truth of who He really was? But my prayer is that we will all of us find Him somewhere, somehow, and that He will give us something of his life to fill our emptiness, something of his light to drive back our dark"
-The Great Dance -Frederick Buechner

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Use what ya got (part 1)

I'm cleaning out the office and finding many items that need homes so here's the first instalment of "use what ya got" as I try to make the office more user friendly while at the same time trying to fill some empty spaces around the house

This idea started with I pinned this onto pinterest awhile ago I've been wanting to make a few heart-map frames with our favourite places.

This is my first one and it is not perfect but it was good for an afternoon throw together project and I plan on adding a few more because I do have 2 more of these white frames hanging in Molly's room right now serving no great purpose at all.

I originally had some scrapbooking paper in the frame and then I added a quote.  After I printed that same quote out and hung in the stairwell it seemed like overkill to have two of them

slightly hard to see in this pic but I drew half of a heart on a folded piece of paper because I don't have a heart stencil

I used the cutout heart and traced it onto a white piece of scrapbook paper and then i put this map of Oahu under it

ta daa... there's the finished project sitting on the floating shelf in the kitchen.  You can see Honolulu, Pearl harbour etc... on the map and since Nels and I were in Oahu for our Honeymoon and then went back there with Molly this past January it has a special place in our hearts...hence the heart frame.  A special place in our hearts in a heart frame... how perfect right!?

of course because I'm a bit obsessive the frame changed spots many times throughout the day.  It ended up in the stairwell right near the front entrance.  Here's a few angles of it

opposite to it here is the framed printable of the quote "What I love most about my Home is who I share it with."  I'm looking forward to maybe adding another heart-map of Harrison (where we got married) and maybe Linden or Salmon Arm for the third.