"...In the dance of sun and water and sky. In the faces of the people who need us most and of the people we most need. In the smell of breakfast cooking on a charcoal fire. Who knows where we will find Him or whether we will recognize Him if we do? Who knows anything even approaching the truth of who He really was? But my prayer is that we will all of us find Him somewhere, somehow, and that He will give us something of his life to fill our emptiness, something of his light to drive back our dark"
-The Great Dance -Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cooking and Eating

What can I say, it's what we do best. I might need to add a new years resolution to go to the gym more after all the good eating.

#1 Sweet and Sour Chicken.... so good. Seriously like it came from a restaurant only it doesn't make you feel sick after. Battered chicken by Nels, Sauce by me, so yummy

#2 Falafel... one of my new favorites. Love the cumin and coriander, the tzatziki and cilantro. First got the idea when I had some girls who were vegetarians at school and they needed an alternative burger to make. Recipe from allrecipes.com

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ideas are floating

Everyday we seem to get more confirmation that our move to the farm is the best idea ever. I can't wait to not get nasty notes left on my car from neighbors. I can't wait to see the stars at night again, can't wait to go to Country Cousins on Saturday for Coffee. Can't wait to stop my car mainstreet Linden to chat with someone across the road.

So now our nights are filled with finding house plans (might have found one we love!) and me searching for the perfect kitchen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I forgot what it was like to be around people ALL DAY and not have time to go to the bathroom or eat or think positive, non-stressed-out thoughts.
First day or work is done...all of the sudden my resolutions seem like wishful thinking

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a New Year

Year Recap: got married to amazing boy. got two new nieces. went on fabulous vacation. moved to tiny apartment. continued to teach. nels got on with fire department. sister got married. began to contemplate next step in life. decided to build house and move to farm :)

1. Read more
2. Go to church every Sunday
3. Cook more interesting things and eat out less
4. Use sewing machine more often
5. Research kitchens bathrooms etc... for new house
6. Start blogging (check!)
7. try to not get lonely when nels is on night shift
8. Think of more interesting lessons for school
9. Make more of an effort to keep in touch with family and friends