"...In the dance of sun and water and sky. In the faces of the people who need us most and of the people we most need. In the smell of breakfast cooking on a charcoal fire. Who knows where we will find Him or whether we will recognize Him if we do? Who knows anything even approaching the truth of who He really was? But my prayer is that we will all of us find Him somewhere, somehow, and that He will give us something of his life to fill our emptiness, something of his light to drive back our dark"
-The Great Dance -Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer 2013 project recap

We did a few projects outside this summer but here are two of my favourites...

#1 We painted the front door which I obviously love because I love how paint transforms a space.  I was searching for the perfect red FOREVER and settled on Geranium by Benjamin Moore.  We LOVE the colour.  At first I wanted more of a tangerine like this or even a bright yellow like this but Nels wanted red so I tried to compromise:)   I wasn't wanting a barn red so the red I picked seems a little bit like a lighter pink or tangerine.   I actually got the idea from some of the colour swatches Young House Love had posted on their site.  We're so happy with the red we're going to do one of our interior kitchen door in the same colour.

These stairs are also new... They're loads sturdier than the ones we had before.  Now we just need a railing but as you can see Molly is quite enjoying the new steps:)

Around the same time we painted the door, Nels started putting the lattice up around the house.  In the original plans for our house everything was ground level but because the water table was so high when we started digging we had to build the house quite a bit higher.  At first I couldn't get over the idea that the house seemed to be on stilts but as we added the deck and now the lattice I'm loving it more and more.  I'm super excited to add flower beds like this next year to make the whole thing seem more "put together"

Can't you just imagine some sweet sweet flower beds around the house like these beauties...

photo found here

Along with the lattice, steps and front door, we also mulched some trees, planted lilacs and built a sandbox so maybe I'll take some pics of those projects sometime soon.... Aaaah the summer was great!

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