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-The Great Dance -Frederick Buechner

Monday, March 12, 2012

Making our back entrance awesome

This is the title of one of my boards on pinterest so on Nels' days off this week we started actually doing this.

Here is my #1 inspiration for the room... absolutely love what this girl did with her front entrance!  You can find the link to her project here

Our back entrance was looking super scary and that made me sad so i started cleaning it out one day and Nels and I got to talking about whether to use the tile we had for the floor or get some cheap linoleum (the room is about 190 square feet) so we decided to use the tile we have to save on the cost and then Nels could lay it himself.  

This is what the room was looking like a few weeks ago...yikes, here's the cat food and the freezer and the drying rack and the shoe rack and the laundry hamper all in the same ugly picture:(

This pic was taken before we had the doors in for the bathroom and kitchen (which did make it look much more 'finished' anyway)

here is our beautiful washer and dryer with a fairly ugly plastic shelf beside them... that had to go

First things first for the flooring, we had to move everything out.  The freezer and shelves for tools went in the basement and our washer and dryer found a new home in the kitchen.  Not gonna lie... we kinda like them there:)

Here's the sub floor going down and the head of my handyman. 

The home of the washer and dryer and the lonely shelf

Sub floor is finished and you can see the doors are in and now all they need is some trim.

Closet looking cleaner but in need of some doors and trim

Sub floor looking from kitchen into laundry room

Ok, enough subfloor pics, lets get to the tiling!!!  Here's the first bit of glue going down...

... and the first few tiles.   Wahoo!!

So this is how far we got on the first day after we realized that we were short 8 boxes of tile.  Lets just say the people working at Carpet One might have failed "measuring 101"

After a quick trip to Calgary (complete with and Ikea run for some pic frames to put up in here) we had more tile and grout and glue and whatnot.

Here's the last bit of tile waiting to go in

We were all excited to see the big scary room looking a lot more awesome already:)

So obviously the next step will be to grout and then paint and cut trim for the doors and baseboards.  
My job comes in when we have the trim, baseboards and wainscoting up and its wall painting time.
Then we'll put hooks up and add a bench and get some art on the walls and we will have one sweet looking back entrance:) 

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Kim Williams said...

This is looking fantastic!!! I'm so excited to see the finished product, I always love your style so =)