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-The Great Dance -Frederick Buechner

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wall Quotes

I'm a fan of the vinyl sticker wall quotes that are fairly popular in decorating right now. I found a company that has a good selection and ordered a few here for the house.

For my first one, I made my own quote and ordered all of the letters to put on a wooden board. I bought a board from Michaels and decided this cold Satuday was the day to do the quote.

I used Benjamin Moore: Copley Gray which is a sample colour I bought for our house. I love the colour but I might need to go 25% lighter for our bedroom because it's a bit dark.

obstacle #1:

the board was pretty crappy quality. It was cheap but next time I would look for one with less dents and for a lack of better explanation "fuzziness" Even after sanding and priming I still couldn't really get it smooth

Obstacle: #2

Letting the paint dry when you are super impatient like me

Obstacle #3:

Putting the letters on straight, and without tearing them... harder than I thought it would be

All in all I thought it turned out ok. I wouldn't order from the company again because in my opinion these vinyl letters are too expensive and too close to what I could get at Michael's or Walmart for much cheaper. On the other hand, if I ever want to start a business I would totally make these because people pay tonnes of money for wall quote/art when they are really quite inexpensive to make.

I did buy another one for the laundry room (at the same time I bought the letters and before i realized i could probably get them cheaper) that I am just going to put onto the wall above the washer and dryer.
Here's my laundry room one, only difference is that I bought it in black

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Cheyenne said...

Chant, I love your signs...I love that laundry one you are going to do. I have been fiddling around using stencils to paint them on, but yours look way more legit with the vinyl lettering. Did you stain it afterwards or just leave it? You can buy them from Jenn Janz ( Baerg )too if you want (the vinyl letters) she does a great job and is really getting into doing all sorts of things with her stuff. Have you seen the subway art stuff? I think it would really suit you, in fact, I saw one that reminded me so exactly of you, that I almost bought it-but then I second guessed myself! :)

We need to have coffee-soon! Are you working five days a week or what's the dillyo? Daytime is best for me-but you let me know. Give me a call or write an e-mail!